6 Houseplants To Gift For Mother’s Day 2021 — Expert Recommendations


In case your mother’s house has a working radiator, she’ll need to hold this plant away from it and every other dry areas. If she begins noticing the leaf edges browning, meaning it must be moved to a barely extra humid spot.

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Parlor Palm (Chamaedorea elegans)

This stunning leafy plant will add an prompt tropical aptitude to any area. “Its darkish inexperienced fronds create a bushy, lush plant good for tabletops, desks, and cabinets,” says Mast. An all-around crowd-pleaser, Parlor Palms are non-toxic and adaptable. This plant is an easy, simple reward for almost anybody. 

Although the parlor palm might develop fairly slowly, it may get fairly large (about 4 to 6 toes). So if the mother you are sending it to has restricted area, this won’t be the proper choose.

Care Directions:

This species of houseplant will be watered as soon as per week to each different week, relying on how a lot daylight it soaks up. Hancock says the primary inch or two needs to be dry, until it’s in an even bigger pot, by which case it needs to be dry a little bit additional down into the soil. To determine how typically it must be watered, merely enable the soil to dry out between waterings.

Although Parlor Palms do finest in medium to brilliant gentle, this plant can adapt to lower-level gentle, as properly. Nonetheless, it ought to by no means be in intense, direct daylight because the leaves will begin to brown and burn.

On account of its weak root system, this plant shouldn’t be repotted until completely obligatory. A easy high dressing of contemporary soil needs to be sufficient to maintain it wholesome and completely happy.

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Chinese language Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Due to the colourful hue of the leaves, Hancock says the Chinese language Evergreen is “simply as cheery as a bouquet of flowers, however will proceed to develop for years.” He continues, “Bearing leaves artfully embellished with streaks, stripes, or splashes of purple, crimson, pink, chartreuse, cream, and white, there’s a spread for each look.” Chinese language Evergreens are sturdy, resilient, non-toxic, and extremely stunning.

Care Directions:

This houseplant wants an intensive watering as soon as per week. Nonetheless, Hancock notes that it may survive just a few weeks between waterings if, say, you are away from house. Forestall root rot, which Chinese language Evergreens are liable to, by permitting the soil to dry out between waterings.

Warwick says that this plant thrives in brilliant, oblique gentle, nonetheless, it may adapt to all the pieces from low to brilliant gentle. To take care of its vibrant hues, although, medium gentle is finest. Rotate the plant on occasion to make sure even progress on all sides. If it’s housed in a decrease gentle space, the leaves will should be dusted off to photosynthesize effectively.

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