Why Do Women Play With Their Hair? 7 Body Language Cues


Light-skinned black girl plays with her hair giving obvious non-verbal cues about her mood.

Girls show a ton of non-verbal gestures that go away others scratching their heads. Take, as an example, enjoying with their hair – why do girls play with their hair?

Why Do Ladies Play With Their Hair?

Girls play with their hair for numerous causes, and we’ll provide the rundown on all of them on this article.

1. Nonverbal Seduction (or Flirting)

You guessed it! Some girls nonetheless imitate romantic comedies the place the main woman is on a quest to get the man. Twirling her hair round her fingers attracts consideration to herself, and it may very well be an unstated technique to say, “I would like you.”

She might do that on goal or with out even occupied with it. To find out whether or not this may very well be the case, take into account her different non-verbal cues: 

  • Is she smiling? 
  • Is she batting her eyelashes? 
  • Is she looking at you after which wanting away repeatedly? 

If the reply to any of those is “Sure,” she’s most likely concerned with you! Some guys assume it all the time “means she’s attracted” to them, though that’s not essentially the case.

If the opposite non-verbal cues aren’t current, she could also be enjoying along with her hair for one more purpose.

2. Self-Consciousness

Some girls are self-conscious, main them to fiddle round with their garments, fingers, and – you guessed it – their hair.

If the girl in query simply received a brand new haircut that she doesn’t like, received rained on, or has a historical past of insecurity, enjoying along with her hair could also be a coping mechanism.

You might also discover that she is frowning or crosses her arms or legs to shut herself off. 

Cute black woman with a genuine smile wearing subtle make-up and pink lipstick.

3. Nervousness

Hand and physique gestures also can sign nervousness. Some individuals faucet their toes, whereas others twiddle their thumbs or chew their nails. However for ladies, it’s regular and customary to play with their hair once they’re in a state of affairs that makes them nervous.

To realize some extra perception, have a look at her and see if her face appears to be like strained, if her arms are crossed, or if she’s rocking forwards and backwards. These are all indicators indicating that she’s nervous. 

4. Stress 

Many ladies play with their hair in hectic conditions, as it may be comforting. If a girl is visibly anxious, is huffing and puffing, and is rustling up her hair, likelihood is she’s wired.

5. Self-Confidence

Typically, a girl feels herself and loves how she’s wanting. Possibly she’s rocking a new hairdo or carrying a brand new outfit. If she’s feeling it, she would possibly twirl her hair and even flip it and strut down the road. The hair play could also be all about her and under no circumstances about anybody else. 

6. Pressure of Behavior

All of us develop habits, good and unhealthy, and enjoying with hair is a typical one. Many ladies play with their hair just because they’ve developed a behavior of doing it. If it’s a behavior, you’ll discover that she does it typically and in most conditions. 

7. Uncomfortable

A myriad of issues could make a girl really feel uncomfortable sufficient to fiddle along with her hair. She might push it towards her face or take it down from a ponytail to really feel hotter in chilly climate.

In hotter months, she might push it again incessantly to maintain it off her face. Typically, it may be annoying to have hair grazing your face or again, so that you’ll see girls transferring their hair round for that reason as properly. 

Female wearing pink dress showing non-verbal cues that she's comfortable keeping eye contact with a gentle smile.

Analyze the State of affairs, Feminine Physique Language, and Different Cues 

Making an attempt to decode a woman’s mannerisms is sort of inconceivable in case you don’t take into account the state of affairs and another cues she’s exhibiting.

Right here, we’ll let you know how you can analyze the state of affairs and different cues to determine what a girl is considering. 

The explanations behind hair play can range extensively based mostly on the state of affairs a girl is in. For example, if a girl is enjoying along with her hair at a job interview, the possibilities of her doing it to seduce somebody are low.

Whereas, if she’s doing so at a celebration, the possibility is sort of a bit increased. If a girl is in a calming setting, like a therapeutic massage parlor, she’s much less more likely to be enjoying along with her hair due to stress or nervousness. 

Lady wearing a gray sweater avoiding eye contact as the woman touches her chin.

This isn’t to say that there gained’t be any outlying conditions the place a girl’s purpose for taking part in along with her hair doesn’t match the state of affairs. That’s when it is best to take into account another nonverbal cues: 

  • Eye contact – If a girl is enjoying along with her hair and making regular eye contact with you, it’s protected to say that she’s interested in you. 
  • Tight lips – Tight lips are normally an indication of stress, nervousness, or dislike. If a girl is enjoying along with her hair and tightens her lips, there may very well be one thing improper. 
  • Leaning ahead – If a girl leans towards you as she performs along with her hair, it is a good signal that she is concerned with you. 
  • Leaning backward/distancing – When a girl appears to be creating distance as she performs along with her hair, she might really feel uncomfortable or anxious. It’d be finest to ask her what’s improper to determine her out. 
  • Crossed arms – Arm crossing is commonly a method of shutting others out. If a girl is enjoying along with her hair and crossing her arms, she might really feel just a little guarded and even offended. There may be one exception to contemplate, although; arm crossing could make a girl’s cleavage extra pronounced. So, in case you’re not sure why she’s crossing her arms, look to a number of the different cues to achieve extra perception. 

As you get to know a girl, you’ll be taught extra about her mannerisms by way of conversations and conditions that you simply two undergo. 

Professional tip: If given an opportunity, observe her mannerisms as she interacts with different males – this might help you identify whether or not the hair play is directed at you, particularly. 

Hair Play Vs Hair Pulling: Pay Consideration

Women playing with an iPad while showing physical signs of being interested in the conversation.

Twirling the hair is one factor, whereas hair pulling is one other. Hair twirling could be defined by one of many causes talked about above. Nevertheless, repetitively pulling the hair harshly is an indication of a mental disorder called trichotillomania.

It’s a situation marked by an excessive compulsion to drag out your individual hair. However what’s attention-grabbing is that the hair twirling may come earlier than the pulling.

Amongst victims of the situation, hair twirling could also be used to decide on which hair to drag out. 

What to Do When a Girl Performs with Her Hair

Let’s discuss a bit about what to do when a girl performs along with her hair. There are a number of issues you are able to do, together with: 

  • If you happen to’ve decided that she may be careworn, politely ask her if she’s okay and whether or not there’s something you are able to do to assist. 
  • If you happen to assume she’s concerned with you, let her know utilizing verbal and non-verbal actions. 
  • If you happen to decide that she’s closed off, give her a little bit of house after which attempt to determine what’s placing her off. 

If the time is true and also you need to be direct, you’ll be able to ask her why she’s enjoying along with her hair. Nobody is aware of her like she does.

She may withhold her true emotions, after all, however there’s an opportunity she might let you know precisely how she’s feeling. You’ll be able to then take it from there! 

A lady enjoying along with her hair may sign far more than curiosity. That’s why it’s essential to do not forget that hair play is only one nonverbal cue out of a ton.

If you happen to don’t need to ask her straight out what she’s feeling within the second, it is best to take into account your entire state of affairs and different nonverbal cues to determine what she could also be considering or feeling.

We hope that this text is useful to you as you navigate girls’s mannerisms and nonverbal tendencies.

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